Mountain That Eats Men

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Ander Izagirre, Tim Gutteridge: Mountain That Eats Men (2019, Bloomsbury Academic & Professional)

English language

Published Feb. 14, 2019 by Bloomsbury Academic & Professional.

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Review of 'Mountain That Eats Men' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

A lot of "social issues" books lately have used a more journalistic style to avoid the sleep-inducing academic style that becomes the default when it comes to the inevitable discussion of dates and data. Izagirre has mastered the balance. He talks directly with people currently living in Potosí, being systematically crushed by the 500 years of history of the mountain they earn their meager living from, left with nowhwre else to go thanks to the corrupt system of exploitation that has always controlled those residing in the shadow of Cerro Rico, a mountain with a seemingly inexhaustible amount of silver and tin. We hear of the struggles between men and women, miners and millionaires, business men and politicians, and most importantly, miner and mountain, through the eyes of those who lived it. An old miner dying from the dust, still making offerings to Tío, the devil in the mines, to …


  • Bolivia, history