Cybersecurity Career Guide

English language

Published Jan. 20, 2022 by Manning Publications Co. LLC.

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Kickstart a career in cybersecurity by adapting your existing technical and non-technical skills. Author Alyssa Miller has spent fifteen years in cybersecurity leadership and talent development, and shares her unique perspective in this revealing industry guide.

In Cybersecurity Career Guide you will learn:

Self-analysis exercises to find your unique capabilities and help you excel in cybersecurity
How to adapt your existing skills to fit a cybersecurity role
Succeed at job searches, applications, and interviews to receive valuable offers
Ways to leverage professional networking and mentoring for success and career growth
Building a personal brand and strategy to stand out from other applicants
Overcoming imposter syndrome and other personal roadblocks

Cybersecurity Career Guide unlocks your pathway to becoming a great security practitioner. You’ll learn how to reliably enter the security field and quickly grow into your new career, following clear, practical advice that’s based on research and interviews with hundreds of …

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