The Apocalypse Ocean

Paperback, 228 pages

Published Aug. 28, 2014 by Tobias S. Buckell.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

3 editions

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5 stars

I realize I give out a fair number of 5 stars. I can't help it. I enjoy reading! The ability to give out half stars would be nice.

But on to this book. I contacted the author via a twitter giveaway and got a digital copy of this book. OH MAN OH MAN AM I GLAD I DID!!!!

It was sci-fi without being tech-p*rn... you guys know what I mean. The world was interesting, and the beginning was just confusing enough that I wanted to keep reading. I discovered after finishing that there are more books written about this world, probably some of those would clear up a few of the backstory/world building questions I had. Nothing that took away from the book, more a case where I loved it so much I want more!!

Wound up adoring the character of Tiago. But all the characters were interesting and dynamic. …

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3 stars