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Published March 19, 1981 by Reader's Digest Association, Reader's Digest.

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The leader of the people / John Steinbeck
Mr. Know-all / W. Somerset Maugham
Vanka / Anton Chekhov
The happy prince / Oscar Wilde
The old demon / Pearl S. Buck
The sailor-boy's tale / Isak Dinesen
Young Archimedes / Aldous Huxley
Butch minds the baby / Damon Runyon Suspicion / Dorothy L. Sayers
Hautot and his son / Guy de Maupassat
The open boat / Stephen Crane
My Oedipus complex / Frank O'Connor The snows of Kilimanjaro / Ernest Hemingway A letter to God / Gregorio López y Fuentes
The little Bouilloux girl / Colette The ruby / Corrado Alvaro
Six feet of the country / Nadine Gordimer
The boarding house / James Joyce
The brute / Joseph Conrad
A double game / Alberto Moravia Maternity / Lilika Nakos
Lead her like a pigeon / Jessamyn West
God sees the truth, but waits / Leo Tolstoy The walker-through-walls / …

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