Living next door to the god of love

(A Bantam spectra book)

English language

Published Feb. 24, 2006 by Bantam Books.


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Where do you run when a world is out to get you?AIs, Forged beings, superheroes, angels, and worlds that change in the blink of an eye--here is a richly imagined tale of ordinary redemption in an extraordinary world from one of the most provocative writers working today....Francine is a young runaway looking to find a definition of love she can trust. In Sankhara, she finds a palace where rooms are made of bone, flowers, and the hearts of heroes. She finds a scientist mapping the territory of the human mind. She finds a boyfriend. And she finds Eros itself--incarnated in the androgynously irresistible form of Jalaeka. But not everyone is in love with the god of love. Unity, for one, wants to assimilate Jalaeka along with every other soul in the universe. And contrary to what everyone always believes, love alone can't save the day. It will take something both …

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