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Numbers are rising steadily on the change.org Save Lower Decks campaign.


Closing in on 10k, but signatures could rise faster.

Yes, change.org is collecting data and trying to get your money to promote their campaigns.

They are however something that Paramount Global pays attention to — as we have seen with SNW and Prodigy. So signing on does have an impact if we can get them accelerating towards 30k it would be much better.

It’s frustrating that the two shows that have done most to bring in new generations of fans, build the base while countering the greying of the audience, are the ones being disowned by Paramount (and perhaps Skydance in the wings) just because they’re animated.

If we want Trek to thrive in an animated medium, we’re going to have to counteract that en masse. Please consider signing. Please also get the merch.

@StarTrekChat …

Voyager, only two more episodes left in the entire series after this one: Neelix says goodbye?

Janeway looks *offended* when Neelix hands her the serving tray to hold. She promptly offloads it onto a literal child.

It is a First Contact party. Tuvok, “Mr. Vulcan,” is made to reenact a “Live long and prosper” for the amusement of the partygoers. Janeway then threatens to order him to dance too and I wish he had said "okay, no, fuck this job.”

Naomi Wildman's in Chakotay's paleontology class. Squeee! This makes me wonder what other classes the crew would teach. 🤔 Neelix may teach cooking or diplomacy or even Delta Quadrant history. Tom could teach ship design, the EMH could teach an opera appreciation class, B'Elanna could teach engineering or Klingon language, Janeway could teach a course on Jane Austen literature. What fun teacher/class ideas do you have?

"But I think the fact that our show was so different challenged a lot of people, and some of them lashed out. I’m not going to say that I always went high when they went low, but that’s just me. Sometimes I feel like I have to bark back. I think that’s just the activist in me."

A long, excellent interview with Wilson about Trek and plenty of other things!

Star Trek Discovery's Wilson Cruz Keeps Making Television History - Metro Weekly

Hier in Hessen ist ja Abizeit und hier ist es Brauch seinen Kindern Motivationssprüche auf Plakate und Banner zu bringen und dann an Zaun der Schule zu befestigen. Der hier ist mein Favorit und ist NICHT von mir, mein Junior kann mit nur wenig anfangen. Aber dennoch toll.