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More musings.. Some patterns should be renamed.

Some social behaviors are named with slang, that may feel good to brandish about, but don't foster an inclusive culture. (Even while the terminology may have emerged like that with good reason)

In the fight for freedoms, that are so under pressure, it feels contradictory to use terms as and . It is like saying: "I care about gender, but don't mind to discriminate people based on gender stereotypes".

The new youth poll released by Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics finds a "pronounced" gap between the political views of young men and young women. Among young men, Biden's lead is six points; among young women, it's 33 points.

If young American men see Donald Trump as a role model for a masculinity they want to emulate and promote, then I wonder what kind of society they envisage building for themselves and everyone else.



Jezebel spirit?

Demons and :explosions, punching, chair smashing, tank riding and sword swallowing"?

What in the holy hell is going on in the testosterone-addled world of toxic masculine "Christianity" in the US? Could it succeed in making itself look any sillier and any further from anything the Jesus of the gospels was about?



I listened to the Trans Narrative Podcast today while mowing, and something that they're helping me to realize is that I can express my gender however I want. I will always be transmasc, but if I want to buy vanilla scented body wash or not worry about my pinkish looking glasses because I'm cheap and don't want to replace them, that's okay. It doesn't diminish my masculinity.

Gender is how you feel inside.

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Did ever exist?

Radical Anthro summer talks start up next
Tues April 16, 18:30 (BST)
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Chris Knight, founder of Radical Anthropology Group and author of 'Blood Relations: Menstruation and the origins of culture' is speaking LIVE in the Daryll Forde Room, 2nd Floor of the UCL Anthropology Dept. You can also join us on ZOOM (ID 384 186 2174 passcode Wawilak)

Chris will discuss myths of matriarchy, which are found all over the world. Is there any truth in the idea that women once exercised political power over men? Many feminists have dismissed such stories as ideological narratives invented simply to justify men's rule. Does biology prevent women from exercising real political power? Does sexism prevail everywhere? Has patriarchy always existed? He will discuss the ethnographic, archaeological …

Judith Butler interview with Them:

extract: "I mean, we’re not going to always love each other and agree with each other. I get that. I don’t think alliances are happy loving communities. It’s the place where we fight, but when we fight, we have to ask ourselves whether we’re also fighting in such a way that we can keep this relationship in place or keep it strong enough so that when we need to fight together against those who are pathologizing us, or criminalizing us, or censoring us, we have a strong enough alliance"


"Gender is one of the oldest and most established systems for controlling people. And if you think the youth fucking with it is annoying that's probably because it's messing with a power structure that benefits you"

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When I first came out as , I was thinking of myself more as genderfluid than or a . I was considering myself a , a woman, , or multiple of those at different moments, and I was considering being trans a fact about myself, but I wasn't really thinking about those things as part of my identity, like I was with my .

The more I've been able to settle into living it, that's largely switched. Now, I'm identifying primarily as a , and considering my gender fluidity a fact about myself, something like the "kind" of trans woman that I am. Sometimes I feel super , other times I feel more , and other times I'm somewhere in between, but usually mostly feminine. It's rare now that I actually feel …