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Get on the Marty Hench train with Red Team Blues and a bunch of other Cory Doctorow @pluralistic books via Humble Bundle.

Shockingly available in the UK, unlike another recent popular book deal, for £14.34 for all 18 books ($18 in the USA)

As another thread has pointed out, adjust the donation percentage as the default to the EFF is only 72p, and be careful of the default price selected.


Content warning Long thread/22

"but of course, in every just revolution there are losers. And if there's one thing history has taught us it's that losing a just revolution doesn't mean that you go away, dig a hole, climb inside, pull the dirt in on top of yourself. You hang around nursing your grievances and that has what has come to the world of The Lost Cause"

I had thoroughly enjoyed and just backed @pluralistic's new novel of and hope on kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doctorow/the-lost-cause-a-novel-of-climate-and-hope. Thank you Cory for providing the option of a DRM-free audio book!