Asian Diasporic Poetry Public

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Drawn from Asian Creative Network, feel free to suggest more

  1. Burnings by 

    No rating

  2. Rose: Poems by 

    No rating

    In this outstanding first book of poems, Lee is unafraid to show emotion, especially when writing about his father or …

  3. Tie Your Shoes Kid by 

    No rating

    Tie Your Shoes Kid is a collection of lyrical and narrative poems that explore the journey from childhood to the …

  4. Not here by 

    No rating

    Not Here is a flight plan for escape and a map for navigating home; a queer Vietnamese American body in …

  5. Thousand star hotel by 

    No rating

    "Thousand Star Hotel confronts the silence around racism, police brutality, and the invisibility of the Asian American urban poor. From …

  6. Hybrida by 

    No rating

  7. Sour Heart by 

    No rating

  8. When I Grow Up I Want to Be a List of Further Possibilities by 

    4 stars

    In this ferocious and tender debut, Chen Chen investigates inherited forms of love and family—the strained relationship between a mother …

  9. Some say the lark by 

    No rating

    "Chang's poems narrate grief and loss, and intertwines them with hope for a fresh start in the midst of new …

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