2025 Anticipated 100 Reading List Public

Created by Caffeinated Book Dragon

If I read 100 books a year, it'll take decades to finish all I've got on the shelves. So I figured I'd curate this list, too, and see how many 20+ year old books (and essentials I need to read) that I can knock out. Just like to have my lists ready to go so I can read my fiction and nonfiction in turns, putting a dent in each category.

  1. Mastering stand-up by 

    No rating

    "This entertaining and sharply written guide--for both beginners breaking into comedy and professionals seeking to improve their sets and advance …

  2. The Three Musketeers (Barnes & Noble Classics) by 

    4 stars

    A young adventurer joins three musketeers, in the service of Louis XIII, and becomes involved in Cardinal Richelieu's plots to …

  3. No excuses! by 

    3 stars

    You dont need to have been born under a lucky star, or with incredible wealth, or with terrific contacts and …

  4. Complete Survival Manual by 

    No rating

    Provides survival information from the American Red Cross, U.S. Army, Boy Scouts of America, and the Girl Scouts of the …

  5. Robinson Crusoe (Barnes & Nobles Classics) by  (Barnes & Noble Classics)

    No rating

    During one of his several adventurous voyages in the 1600s, an Englishman becomes the sole survivor of a shipwreck and …

  6. The art of history by  (The art of series)

    4 stars

  7. Bleak House (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) (Barnes & Noble Classics) by 

    4 stars

    As the interminable case of Jarndyce and Jarndyce grinds its way through the Court of Chancery, it draws together a …

  8. Freelancer's Bible by ,

    4 stars

    Amazingly, one-third of the American workforce is freelance--that's 42 million people. Written by the authority on freelance working, Horowitz, MacArthur …

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