books about places that don't exist Public

Created and curated by casey

semi-realistic modern fiction about places that don't exist.

real enough to comprehend, unreal enough to tell the truth.

sometimes the amalgamation of various cultures, other times adjacent to existent cultures. somewhat bleak, but certainly post-kafkaesque. not strictly a commentary.

a way to examine how we exist together and how we might exist differently.

  1. Event Factory by 

    No rating

    A "linguist-traveler" arrives by plane to Ravicka, a city of yellow air in which an undefined crisis is causing the …

  2. Ella Minnow Pea by 

    4 stars

    An epistolary novel set on a fictional island off the South Carolina coastline, Ella Minnow Pea brings readers to the …

  3. The Memory Police by ,

    4 stars


    A haunting Orwellian novel about the terrors of state surveillance, from the acclaimed author of …

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