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books i've read about sex and gender

  1. Ain't I a Woman by 

    4 stars

    A world renowned author, scholar, public intellectual, and activist, bell hooks was 19 years old when she wrote Ain't I …

  2. Detransition, Baby by 

    5 stars

    A whipsmart debut about three women--transgender and cisgender--whose lives collide after an unexpected pregnancy forces them to confront their deepest …

  3. The Disordered Cosmos by 

    5 stars

    From a star theoretical physicist, a journey into the world of particle physics and the cosmos — and a call …

  4. Dear Senthuran by 

    4 stars

    In three critically acclaimed novels, Akwaeke Emezi has introduced readers to a landscape marked by familial tensions, Igbo belief systems, …

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