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"Since 1961, CBC Radio has been broadcasting the Massey Lectures, bringing Canadians some of the greatest minds of our time, exploring the ideas that make us who we are and asking the questions that make us better human beings."

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    1961 Massey Lecture

  2. The educated imagination by 

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    In the 1962 Massey Lectures, Northrop Frye writes:

    "What good is the study of literature? Does it help us to …

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    1962 Massey Lecture

  3. The image of confederation by 

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    "Our experiment of the new Canadian nationality has now been going on for almost a hundred years. It must be …

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    1963 Massey Lecture

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    1964 Massey Lecture

  5. The underdeveloped country by 

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    These 1965 Massey Lectures all have to do with the same general theme - the economics and politics of the …

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    1965 Massey Lecture

  6. The moral ambiguity of America. by 

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    Dr. Paul Goodman, social critic, talks about the problems of contemporary America in this 1966 Massey Lectures. Pt. 1: The …

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    1966 Massey Lecture

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    1967 Massey Lecture

  8. The politics of the family by 

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    Using concepts of schizophrenia, R.D. Laing demonstrates that we tend to invalidate the subjective and experiential and accept the proper …

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    1968 Massey Lecture

  9. Time as history by 

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    George Grant, philosopher, member of the Department of Religion at McMaster University, gives these 1969 Massey Lectures on the conception …

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    1969 Massey Lecture

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    1970 Massey Lecture

  11. The power of the law. by 

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    James Corry explores the case for law and order. Civil order is threatened if the law is not respected. But …

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    1971 Massey Lecture

  12. Inscape and landscape by ,

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    "The science of ecology", writes Canadian Ecologist Pierre Dansereau, "has much to contribute to the development of a new consciousness …

  13. Payback by 

    4 stars

    Investigates the timely subject of debt, exploring debt as an ancient and central motif in religion, literature, and the structure …

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    2022 Massey Lectures

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