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  1. Immutable by 

    No rating

    Immutable: Designing History explores the banal genre of the document and its entanglement with statecraft and colonial(ism/ity). This is framed …

  2. Angles morts du numérique ubiquitaire by , ,

    No rating

    138 entrées pour explorer les non-dits des nouvelles technologies, intelligences artificielles et autres aspects du numérique, d'algolittérature et asservissement machinique …

  3. Open Circuits by ,

    5 stars

    Open Circuits is a photographic exploration of the beautiful design inside everyday electronics. Its stunning cross-section photography unlocks a hidden …

  4. Track Changes by 

    5 stars

    The story of writing in the digital age is every bit as messy as the ink-stained rags that littered the …

  5. Homesick for another world by 

    3 stars

    Features stories, in which the flesh is weak; the timber is crooked; people are cruel to each other, and stupid, …

  6. Extreme Privacy by 

    No rating

    "My Successes and Failures While Making People Disappear"

    Michael Bazzell has helped hundreds of celebrities, billionaires, and everyday citizens disappear …

  7. What Tech Calls Thinking by 

    4 stars

    Adrian Daub's What Tech Calls Thinking is a lively dismantling of the ideas that form the intellectual bedrock of Silicon …

  8. The Black Technical Object by 

    No rating

    A contemplation on the abstruse nature of machine learning, mathematics, and the deep incursion of racial hierarchy.


    The Black …

  9. Forgetting Machines: Knowledge Management Evolution in Early Modern Europe by 

    No rating

    We are so accustomed to use digital memories as data storage devices, that we are oblivious to the improbability of …

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