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  1. The keeper of lost causes by  (Department q)

    3 stars

  2. Missing by 

    4 stars

    Can murder and mercy go hand in hand? In The Grand Hotel, a homeless woman charms a businessman into paying …

  3. King suckerman by 

    3 stars

    A gang war breaks out between drug dealers in Washington after one man insults another. The protagonists are two drug-dealing …

  4. Shame the Devil by 

    No rating

    Several restaurant workers are murdered by a robber, whose brother is killed by police during the chaotic event. As everyone …

  5. Hell to Pay by 

    3 stars

    Derek Strange and Terry Quinn, the team of private investigators who made their stunning debut in Right As Rain, are …

  6. Soul circus by 

    3 stars

    Private investigator Derek Strange agrees to help with the case when a local drug czar is jailed on murder charges …

  7. Hard revolution by 

    No rating

    Derek Strange joins the police force in 1968 hoping to make a difference in a white man's world. Many of …

  8. What it was by 

    4 stars

    Washington, D.C., 1972. Derek Strange has left the police department and set up shop as a private investigator. His former …

  9. Shoedog by 

    No rating

    Constantine, a drifter, hitches a lift from a driver who stops en route to collect some money. But the man …

  10. Drama city by 

    3 stars

    Lorenzo Brown loves his work. In his job as an officer for the Humane Society, he cruises the city streets, …

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