Javier Marías, Javier Marías: The infatuations (2013, Hamish Hamilton) 4 stars

Every day, Maria Dolz stops for breakfast at the same cafe. And every day she …

Review of 'The infatuations' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Javier Marías is an all-timer for me. His interests are my interests. His artistic vision encompasses many aspects of the novel I feel are the form's greatest virtues. I adore how he blends a metaphysical interest in characters without occluding an interest in narrative. It is a tough balance but, especially in this novel, he pulls it off.

All the hallmark Marías quirks are here: articulate and introspective characters, prose that can take off with the momentum of a runaway train, Macbeth (he continues to turn and turn the Scottish play but it never feels like he is going over the same material), the fateful gap between relationship partners... it's all here and it all continues to fascinate.

Although A Heart So White continues to be my favorite of his novels this one is very near the top.