Dreadnought (2017, Diversion Publishing) 4 stars

What happens when a trans* girl who is not out to her family accidentally inherits …

Review of 'Dreadnought' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

4.25 A very good YA superheroine narrative that manages to convey a lot of teenage angst, which is - for once - well-founded. Starting sounding a little like trans wish fulfilment, the April Daniels quickly puts an end to that notion and instead dives into a story that's at the same both very American and very queer. The main characters - unfortunately there are only three apart from Danny and her parents - are well-thought out, though the two villains are a little over the top, both the TERF and actual super villain - not that this isn't in keeping with the genre.

I'm struggling a bit to give it five stars. If I was still growing up, I would probably have loved this to bits, but it's a little short on the fitting in socially. The focus is on family and "caping". School is glossed over - except for one quite ugly incident. However, both the supers narrative and the family story both hold up very well - the former with some twists you wouldn't have expected and the latter with a lot of disappointed hopes.

Definitely an important novel for trans teens to identify with - if only it could have been fifty pages longer...