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Christin White

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I'm a trans woman, a developer & designer, I’m passionate about building a more inclusive, compassionate technology community. Apple, Linux, PKM, tools for thought, hiking, health, fantasy, sci-fi, gaming, comics, coffee & PNW. she/her

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reviewed Spaceside by Michael Mammay

Better than the first!

4 stars

At the end of the first book I wondered what the consequences of its final events would be, I’m not sure I buy what happened but Planetside quickly won me over with a fun beginning and a new mystery that pretty much kept the fun going the whole book. Despite a looser plot I enjoyed the characters more and the protagonist has a more satisfying arc, an overall improvement.

reviewed Planetside by Michael Mammay

Michael Mammay: Planetside (Paperback, 2018, Harper Voyager) 4 stars

Solid sci-fi detective story

4 stars

Content warning That ending though, it will be interesting to see the consequences in the next book. As with a lot of military sci-fi i can appreciate the narrative while acknowledging that the morality is reprehensible, at least from my world view.