Peter F. Hamilton: Saints of Salvation (2020, Pan Macmillan) 4 stars

Sequel to Salvation Lost.

Humanity welcomed the Olyix and their utopian technology. However, mankind was …

Well done!

4 stars

I've been pondering this one for a few days. It's well done, as were the others in the series. However, I felt like it got more into science theory than the others, which is fine, but not my favorite. It was relevant to the actual interesting bits (to me) of the story, which is at least good, imo.

So, the story progressed in some interesting and unexpected ways, which is always cool. I liked the way Yi progressed from paranoid/unstable genius to paranoid/stable-ish/sneaky genius. I thought she had a great arc.

I did spend the last third of the book expecting a particular reveal to take place, BUT IT NEVER DID! The ending was a lovely uncertain thing, rather like the ending of La Femme Nikita (French movie) rather than the usual all wrapped up type ending of Point of No Return (American remake).

I felt the series overall was excellent and complex and enjoyable. Most of the characters had well-defined personalities and goals and were different from each other. I loved the intertwined timelines (I always have) and how Hamilton slowly revealed full identities and plots.

He has stated this trilogy is complete but that he may return to the universe. I certainly hope so!