Margaret Atwood: Hag-seed (2016) 4 stars

Felix is at the top of his game as artistic director of the Makeshiweg Theatre …

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4 stars

This book is a review of a Shakespeare play gone out of control and it works well, I loved this re-imagining of The Tempest. I remember reading The Tempest at school and it was sooooooo dull! If only this book had existed then, it would have really opened my eyes and made me appreciate the fantastic play.

Felix gets forced out of his role as artistic director of a festival just as he was putting together his masterpiece, The Tempest. He goes into exile living as a hermit until he gets a job teaching theatre at a prison and that is the start of one of the best revenge plots since the Count of Monte Cristo.

The story is very slow during the first half, Felix is not a likeable character and neither are any of the characters around him, but as Felix starts working on the play with the convicts he starts to come out of his shell, not so shallow and you start to feel his pain. On the night of the play the plot reaches a crescendo and things work out just as I was hoping they would go.

Stick with this book, don't get thrown by the slow start and I do recommend you know the Tempest before you begin as it will really add to the experience.

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