Kelly Regan Barnhill: When Women Were Dragons (2022, Diversified Publishing) 4 stars

Learn about the Mass Dragoning of 1955 in which 300,000 women spontaneously transform into dragons...and …

Review of 'When Women Were Dragons' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

I think this was the fastest I've ever read a book. The chapters are short and punchy in the beginning, each referencing a significant moment in the "authors" life. The book is written as a memoir with scientific journals/court docs/opinion piece in newspapers mixed in between.

I loved the descriptions of knot magic throughout the book as an avid knitter/crocheter/weaver, so that may be what was pulling me through the first half of the book.

I really appreciated that the dragon allegory and society's reaction to it in the book can be applied to several topics outside of the classic 1950's feminism talking points. Yes you can slap the "They're talking about women's periods" onto it and just leave it be, but the book does spend a healthy amount of time talking about the emotional "why" of dragons and if you're looking, it very much isn't a biological thing.

I feel this book lets readers take a few different things away from it, but it doesn't throw them in your lap. I feel like I had a better emotional experience with this book reading between the lines of characters actions, but I will acknowledge I have very similar life experiences to the main character.