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Review of 'Bone Silence' on 'GoodReads'

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Let's start with the obvious question: Is this YA?

The quote on the Wikipedia page for this book points to a review by the Starburst Magazine and this is the related paragraph:

Which raises the fair point - is this a Young Adult novel or not? I suppose my answer would be kind of, sort of, not sure really, but what it is - I hope - is a straightforward SF novel that also happens to be accessible, and perhaps accessible to somewhat younger readers, in the same way that I was able to approach books like NOVA and DUNE when I was in my mid-teens.

You won't find that part on the page of Starburst Magazine anymore. Probably because someone actually read those books and realised:

YES. It is a Young Adult novel.

And not only that. It's target audience seems to be not only young adults but those …

Review of 'The Triumph of Evil' on 'GoodReads'

1 star

This book is truly an Triumph of Evil.

It's core numbers are based upon a research that was already flawed for 10 years before this book has been written. A little research might have brought up this study for example:


New demographic evidence and NKVD criminal homicide data (TsGAOR) confirm that at least 5.2 million people classifiable as excess deaths perished during the thirties. This validates the reliability of excess deaths as a homicide estimator contrary to Anderson’s and Silver’s assertions, and strongly indicates that 4.2 million other computable excess deaths were victims of Stalinism. Higher homicide tolls in the vicinity of 13.5-14.3 million calculated by Conquest are also demographically possible, given remaining uncertainties about unregistered births during the famine years and the censuses of 1937 and 1939. These findings are consistent with the research of Nove, Ellman, Maksudov, Wheatcroft and Davies based on the …