Review of 'Blackfish City' on 'GoodReads'

3 stars

My thoughts about this book are quite torn. I loved many parts of it, but in total - not so much.

I think the genre here is something that authors really should begin to explore in depth: post climate-catastrophe society. Miller did a great job world building in that sense. I loved the complexity of Qaanaaq and the factions, politics, daily occurrences etc. Characters? I enjoyed most of their motivations - not all. There was quite an over-representation of LGBTQAI+ (which seems to be trendy at the moment), but didn't add any real unique perspective - seemed to be just ticking some arbitrary diversity box.

The middle section was fantastic. Where there was a bunch of stuff trying to be worked out over all the character's lives, what certain things were, where they came from, bridging these supposedly unrelated happenings and people together.

Then, it all fell in a heap. I mean this not in the way that the story was poorly written or nothing tied together - that's fine. It just really took the wrong direction. Instead of getting hardened people to sort out calamities in a hardened world, the author chose to build in a massive form of escapism - for both the characters and the reader. This was not some exploratory sci-fi, it was fantasy. That really irked me, perhaps too much so, but this story had so much potential and it seems like a waste to climax like that.