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The Sociology of Freedom (Hardcover, 2020, PM Press) No rating

"The knowledge structure of the capitalist world system is in just as big a crisis as it's apparatuses of power/accumulation. However their very nature renders knowledge structures more susceptible to free discussion, which creates an opportunity to exhaustively interpret the degree of the crisis in which science finds itself."

The Sociology of Freedom by  (Page 6)

Beginning of chapter 2 (Introduction). This book is presented as Volume 3 of the Manifesto of the Democratic Civilization. Abdullah Ocalan also is saying in chapter one that " the another aim of these volumes was to clarify the nature of power and capitalist modernity."

The Sociology of Freedom (Hardcover, 2020, PM Press) No rating

I ordered this book through a local store affiliated with and no confirmation was received, nor any other communication. I recently went to a author appearance and book signing sponsored by the same store, but we had to leave after a little more than an hour, so didn't have time to ask what happened. Wish I had ordered directly from PM press instead. Just glancing at the e- book at the moment, on loan from Internet Archive.

Josh MacPhee (Editor) , Alec Dunn (Editor) Format
176 pages, Paperback Published
July 27, 2021 …

Review of Signal #7

No rating

Fabulous. I particularly liked the Philadelphia Printworks story and the stuff on Belgian artist Albert Daenens. Good historical insights, it seems. Following the serious from here on out.