Riley Sager: Final Girls (2017) 4 stars

Review of 'Final Girls' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

Quinn Carpenter is the sole survivor of a massacre at a remote cabin in the woods. Dubbed a horror movie-style “Final Girl” by the sensationalist press, she finds herself lumped in with two other girls with similar experiences: Lisa, who escaped a sorority house bloodbath; and Sam, who was attacked during a motel murder spree. Despite the best efforts of the media to bring these Final Girls together, for years the three resisted the idea of meeting in person. But when the apparently well-adjusted Lisa suddenly kills herself, Quinn is approached by Sam. The two of them have dealt with their trauma in very different ways, and Quinn both sees a kindred spirit in Sam and a challenging, threatening side to her mercurial personality.

What happens to the Final Girl when the movie is over? How do they come to grips with their trauma while dealing with sometimes skeptical law enforcement and reporters desperate for the salacious details? This clever thriller deals with the aftermath of the kind of events we see in horror movies.

This is a gripping mystery that veers in several unexpected directions. While it contains no supernatural elements, given the Final Girl premise horror movie fans are especially likely to enjoy it.