Nicholas Carr: The Shallows (2011, W. W. Norton & Company) 4 stars

Review of 'The Shallows' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

Maybe it's just because I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking in these areas already, or maybe it's because 11 years have elapsed since the book was written, but I honestly found less meat on these bones than I'd hoped for.

There's a good case to be made for the idea that consuming much of our information through the internet rewires our brains and shortens our attention spans. And honestly, I know few people who would argue against that idea these days -- we all feel some of that "I used to be able to read a whole book/article/paragraph!" malaise.

The interesting, "yes, and…" discussion is what we do about it, how we fight that shortening of capacity for sustained attention, and the author touches only very lightly on that, the portion of the conversation that feels most vital to me right now.

It did, however, make me want a Hansen Writing Ball.