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Enby Communist Lich from Québec Enjoys fantasy, horror, sci-fi and theory. Main account at

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la pensée politique de Gramsci (French language, 1970, Éditions Anthropos) 5 stars

An entire class inside a book

5 stars

Jean-Marc Piotte is excellent at guiding us through Gramsci's ideology, carefully presenting each concept that completes the next. It really shows that it was written by a teacher, teach this book did. Gramsci's conceptualization of intellectuals, which differs from Marx, insists on the importance of the cultural aspect of our struggle and helps ellaborate the role of the party within it. A definitive read.

Life and Ideas (2015, PM Press) 5 stars

A reference in Anarcho-Communist ideals

5 stars

Errico Malatesta is one of the few ancom writers that I truly appreciate. He is down to earth, succinct. The first part of the book, a collection of his writing, is an interesting although not entirely agreeable take with some harsh critics of utopians and support for a more scientific method to anarchism. His rebuttal of sectarianism is a refreshing sight amongst a sea of mindless chicanery.

The second part is an draft for a biography that can be interesting if you want to learn more about the man himself, but nothing more.