Castles (1985, Dover Publications, Inc.) 4 stars

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4 stars

Covering a period of time from Antiquity to the Late Middle Ages--but mainly focusing on the High Middle Ages--this book takes a look at the layout of castles--primarily the walls and defenses, but also some domestic arrangements--and explains them in a manner relevant to the layperson. It is by no means exhaustive, and seems to lean its focus more towards England, but it is certainly informative. It does not talk down to the reader, but it does present the text and definitions in a manner where the reader can easily understand the meaning. There are numerous helpful diagrams which do wonders for illustrating what is quite clearly and eloquently detailed in the text. However, the photos, taken mostly in the 1930s, are rather useless in the age of Google image searches. Nonetheless, this is an excellent book for anyone interested in castles, and I highly recommend it.