Red Rackham's Treasure (The Adventures of Tintin) (Paperback, 1974, Little, Brown Young Readers) 3 stars

Tintin explores for sunken pirate treasure with his friend Captain Haddock.

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3 stars

Tintin, the Belgian reporter, and his friend Captain Haddock go on a search for lost treasure in the Caribbean.

This is the second volume of a two-part adventure which, along with another one, make up the basis for the Steven Spielberg movie. The movie was my introduction to The Adventures of Tintin, and this is my introduction to the comic books.

As a comic, it's cute. If I had read this when I was a kid, I would've been intrigued by it. While Spielberg's take on it changed the story a fair bit and was heavily influenced by Raiders of the Lost Ark, this is more of a bumbling adventure. There is more humor than I had expected, but it's targeted more towards pre-teen readers. It doesn't really have the broad appeal of the movie.

However, reading this as an adult is much like watching a kids' cartoon: the basic …