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Review of 'The urban sketcher' on Goodreads

3 stars

From a complete novice's point of view, this is a pretty decent book for beginners. It focuses on three main aspects: pencil, ink, and watercolor. The first two sections are done well but, despite being the most difficult and the author's preference, I found the section on watercolor to be the least well-explained. That's fine with me because it's something I'm unlikely to get into, but other readers may want to take that into account.

I'd probably give it more than 3 stars, maybe 3.5, but I know it's not 4 stars. It is a good book, it's informative, and the art is nice. What holds me back from being more effusive is the above mentioned simplification of the watercolor process, his ink pictures are somewhat busy for my tastes, and the book needed more proofreading and copy editing.