England Made Me (2001, VINTAGE (RAND)) 3 stars

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3 stars

Anthony, a habitual down-on-his-luck wanderer, is persuaded by his twin sister to move to Sweden and accept a job working for her wealthy employer, which he accepts. However, questionable as his character is, there are some things that even Anthony just won't be a part of.

While this was an earlier novel by Graham Greene, he had already found his voice by the time it was written. The narrative is smooth and thoughtful, and the characters are well-developed for the most part. It's not a thriller in the sense of some of his other works, but there is a fair bit of wondering going on by the reader.

The highlight of the novel is the relationship between the twin siblings. Even though they came from the same background, their lives and opinions have diverged greatly. And, while one appears respectable and the other one not so, the novel forces the …