Sixth of the Dusk (Dragonsteel Entertainment) 5 stars

A fascinating new novella in Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere, the universe shared by his Mistborn series …

Review of 'Sixth of the Dusk' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

This is a short novella with only a handful of characters and a straightforward plot. Despite this, Sanderson manages to create a sense of mystery to the Aviar, the islands, and the Ones Above that drives the story. As always, Sanderson is a master of magic and he provides some partial, yet fulfilling, answers to how the magic of this world works. The book ends rather open-ended, letting the reader imagine what will happen in the future. Some of the secrets also spark my curiosity (ie, why Aviar and not humans?). I hope that Sanderson revisits the First of the Sun world as it sounds very cool (a distinct Polynesian vibe) and feels like the magic could be more fleshed out.

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