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I read a lot of fantasy, horror, mysteries, and thrillers.

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Naomi Novik: A Deadly Education (Hardcover, 2020, Del Rey) 4 stars

A Deadly Education is set at Scholomance, a school for the magically gifted where failure …

Cool concept that lacks magic.

3 stars

This has been a series on my reading list for awhile and it comes up repeatedly in suggestions for good fantasy novels so it was one I felt I had to read. As someone who has previously enjoyed the Harry Potter series it was also easy to draw some parallels here and a sense of intrigue. A darker, deadlier Hogwarts? Sign me up!

I went into this novel very enthusiastic and wanting to enjoy it, which is why I'm almost surprised I can find myself only giving this opening book of the series three stars; three and a half tops.

That isn't to say this was a bad book, though. There were many elements that I did enjoy, such as:

👍 The Scholomance: I think the world building in terms of the school were some of the best parts of this book. The Scholomance is unique in the sense …

Meredith R. Lyons: Ghost Tamer (Hardcover, 2023, CamCat Publishing) 5 stars

Death is one thing, it's what you do afterward that matters.

Aspiring-comedian Raely is the …

Amazing, genre-blending paranormal journey.

5 stars

Wow. This book was a journey, and not one I expected to take when picking it up. I was looking for a horror book for some cheap scares approaching Halloween and the title of "Ghost Tamer" stood out to me. It sounded just what I was seeking, but it was so, so much more than what I expected in the absolute best way possible.

This is no standard, formulaic horror. This blends in so many other genres seamlessly, including elements of fantasy magic, aspects of occultism, paranormal phenomena and investigation, mystery, action, suspense, and even a little comedy and romance to top it all off. You'd think hitting all these different notes over the course of a novel might detract from it or dilute it somewhat and only manage to accomplish many things in a mediocre way. Let me tell you, that was NOT the case at all with this …

Meredith R. Lyons: Ghost Tamer (Hardcover, 2023, CamCat Publishing) 5 stars

Death is one thing, it's what you do afterward that matters.

Aspiring-comedian Raely is the …

Half way through and this is such an interesting book! This isn't your typical scary ghost story, although there's definitely elements of that. We also get to explore the character's relationship with more benevolent spirits and connection to the paranormal world as a seer/medium. Really enjoying this one so far!

reviewed Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo: Siege and Storm (Paperback, 2014, Square Fish) 4 stars

Hunted across the True Sea and haunted by the lives she took on the Fold, …

Siege and Storm Review

3 stars

We continue right where we left off in Shadow and Bone in the second instalment of the Grishaverse series, following the adventures of Alina the Sun Summoner and Mal right after they’d escaped from The Darkling in the first book.

It’s worth noting that I’m reading this series after the Six of Crows duology and after watching the Shadow and Bone Netflix series which follows the main plot of this Grishaverse trilogy while blending in elements and characters from Six of Crows into the plot.

Siege and Storm is difficult to review for me because it leaves me quite conflicted. This is a series that I overall feel is epic and I thought the TV show was truly awesome, capturing the best parts of both Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows. But when you read the literature behind the show, you really start to realize why they felt it …

wants to read Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch: Rivers of London (2018) 4 stars

Child kidnapping is already an appalling crime, but in the latest case for Detective Constable …

Saw this recommended under the request of "Sherlock Holmes, but magical." That's an interesting enough premise to have me intrigued. Going to check this one out! It kinda combines my love for detective stories and fantasy magic it seems.