Peter Singer, Peter Singer: Animal liberation (Paperback, 2002, Ecco) 5 stars

The Book That Started A Revolution

Since its original publication in 1975, this groundbreaking work …

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4 stars

Man, this is a tough one to rate and review in a slapdash kinda way, huh?

So I read the original 70's edition of this book when I was in college, and it acted as a springboard to my interest in animal rights philosophy. Singer presents his arguments in a way that carries a cold, irrefutable logic that is sorely needed in a social movement that often saturates itself in sentimentality. It's a perfect text to give to one of those cynical Dawkins-typed assholes in that way.

The most current 09 edition of Animal Liberation expands upon the original, but it is clear that it is already in a desperate need for a spruced-up version. No doubt the statistics for the chapters detailing the exploitation of animals used in experiments and for agriculutre are already woefully outdated. For an arguement that needs to keep fighting its way uphill to be taken seriously by the public, numbers and accuracy is everything.

There is also the matter of Singer's ablest and racist language. I won't go into exact examples, but most people who have read this book know which passages I'm talking about. And yes, Peter, men can indeed have abortions.

It's still a groundbreaking achievement in its field, but yeah. It needs an update that acknowledges the current intersectionality of both animal and human rights (particularly workers rights).