Remake (1995, Bantam Books) 3 stars

Winner of more Hugo and Nebula Awards than any other science fiction author, Connie Willis …

the power of the Computer

3 stars

this book never really explains the world it's set in too well. it's stated that live actors have been replaced with CG models of classic actors; and yet, there are dozens of hopeful Marilyn Monroe lookalikes everywhere. (side note: which moviegoers in 1995, much less a few decades later when the book is set, care that much about Marilyn Monroe, or James Dean, or Judy Garland?)

the plot relies on an extremely dubious understanding of encryption but that's kinda par for the course for science fiction about the Computer

the behavior of the main character is really pretty distasteful

all this said, the premise of "hollywood only makes CG remakes now" is probably one of the most realistic cyberpunk dystopias i've ever seen