The Demigod Diaries 4 stars

The Demigod Diaries is a collection of short stories relating to The Heroes of Olympus …

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3 stars

Rick Riordan's second short story collection disappoints as much as the first. Among the almost 240 pages, about a third are filled with puzzles, games, and cringeworthy "behind the scenes" content clearly aimed at the younger portion of his audience; already a teenager (which there are plenty of among Percy Jackson's fans) would be bored to tears. What remains are three short stories: The Diary of Luke Castellan, The Staff of Hermes, and The Son of Magic, the latter having been written by Riordan's son Haley.

The quality of the shorts varies quite a bit. While Luke's diary entry is somewhat solemn in tone and gives an interesting insight into the character of Luke, The Staff of Hermes is the sort of brainless comedy I've come to expect from Riordan's more recent works (already showing during the Heroes of Olympus series, and painfully obvious during the Trials …