The games (2012, Del Rey) 4 stars

"This stunning first novel from Nebula Award and Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalist Ted Kosmatka …

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4 stars

Enjoyable thriller, and mostly I didn't see where things were going. None of the science annoyed me, but it never thrilled me with new possibilities either. The last 100 pages had me gripped though. I needed to know where this was going.[return][return]Total Bechdel test fail. Two female characters, both of whom were solely there to prop up our protagonist. A lot of stuff just felt unnecessary, failed to drive the larger plot. The sports car, (spoiler) the nephew being at the games. [return][return]For me, 4 stars is "good if you like this kind of thing". and this kind of thing is weakly scifi thriller novels that you'd rather not think too hard about. The problem with writing a review is that I went and thought!