reviewed The redeemer by Jo Nesbø (Harry Hole -- 6)

Jo Nesbø: The redeemer (2009, Random House Canada) 3 stars

Harry Hole and his team have little to work with, no immediate suspect, no weapon …

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A hired assassin from the Balkans, called the 'little redeemer' when he was a child soldier in Croatia during the violent breakup of Yugoslavia, travels to Norway to kill an officer in the Salvation Army. Unfortunately, he picks off the wrong guy, and has to stick around a very cold country where they speak a language he doesn't know to finish the job. Harry Hole is in pursuit, trying to figure out why someone would have a beef with the foot soldiers of God. As always, there's a tangle of threads connecting this book with others in the series, some revelations about his co-workers, and a mordant, morally ambiguous ending. Nesbo is a very, very good writer.