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Clean slate account due to my hosting migration flub, but otherwise it's still me. Will fill out details again as I have spoons, but past posts are gone. :/ ---- White / Chinese / Jewish USian from WV now living in CA. Working on integrating anti-racism and anti-capitalism into myself and my new work in community- and pedestrian-centred planning work. Progress through Masters of Urban and Regional Planning at San Jose State University :███████░░░ 70%

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Content warning ableism, possible Blindsight spoilers

Content warning ableism, possible Blindsight spoilers

@eldang yeah, I bookmarked your review to read soon! And maybe I'll make myself a bookwyrm account...

It definitely took over a year before I went back to it, but I also read really fast so I knew I had missed things. I had also read something similar right after so both stories got jumbled together. I'll have to check what the other one was again.