Foundation (Foundation #1) (2004, Bantam Books) 4 stars

One of the great masterworks of science fiction, the Foundation novels of Isaac Asimov are …

Another one of those "Why do people like this so much" books

3 stars

This time, I'm not gonna read the whole trilogy.

I'm baffled that I don't enjoy another one of those books that so many people hype. I like some of his other books, but maybe I just don't fancy his writing style.

This whole system of "Is it gonna work? IS IT REALLY GONNA WORK?!?!? Yes it worked" is just not my jam. There wasn't that much sci-fi in this one as well, it's just a very minor detail to it.

This whole books starts with a guy that invents a way to guess what will happen in the future and nobody else can do that somehow. It was something that was invented and not some magic device. How is it impossible for everyone else to figure this out? Why did everyone just fall back a thousand steps in technology? Why did nobody look much more into it the first time he was right?

I just don't get this book and have no idea to whom I would recommend this one. Maybe these kind of books don't age that well? Maybe I'm just too young to get it. 🤷🏼