Leonora Carrington: The Hearing Trumpet (2004, Exact Change) 4 stars

Leonora Carrington, the distinguished British-born Surrealist painter is also a writer of extraordinary imagination and …

Review of 'The Hearing Trumpet' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

An altogether wonderful book. Mad, eccentric, funny, feminist, mordant, oneiric, hallucinatory, biting, apocalyptic, quotidian, a tale of the forgotten and neglected and the werewolves, spirits, and self-devourers at the end of the world. Also an eccentric old woman with a hearing trumpet and the odd characters in the nursing home to which her ungrateful family sends her. And then there's this portrait on the wall of Dona Rosalinda Alvarez Cruz della Cueva, a most unusual nun...

So, yes, not a good idea to try to summarize, but you should absolutely read it!