Orwell’s Roses (Hardcover, Granta) 5 stars

“In the year 1936 a writer planted roses.” So begins Rebecca Solnit’s new book, a …

Eileen's beloved brother Dr. Laurence Frederick O'Shaughnessy went by Eric in their family, and so while Eileen took Eric Blair's surname, she took to calling her husband George. While his use of the name George Orwell happened abruptly in print, it happened gradually in letters and in friendships, until he was George Orwell to many of those who knew him personally. So though there was a George Orwell there was never an Eileen Orwell. Her tombstone and his say Blair, and the son they adopted in 1944 is named Richard Blair. I regret having to refer to Eileen O'Shaughnessy Blair by her first name, but like too many married women it is the only one she really owned throughout her life. When Sonia Brownell married Orwell a few months before his death, she took Orwell as her surname, as if she were marrying the legend rather than the man.

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