Douglas Coupland: Terry (2005, Douglas & McIntyre) 5 stars

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5 stars

Admittedly, I am a bit of a [a:Douglas Coupland|1886|Douglas Coupland|] fanboy. I've got every book he's written and though they're not all great, I love it every time a new one comes out. this book, however, is different. It's obviously a labor of love and an effort to tell the story of someone Coupland saw as a hero. Reading it as an American was an illuminating experience for me. Terry Fox was an amazing, inspirational human being who is regarded as a national hero in Canada. Yet somehow, Americans know nothing of him, which is a shame.

If you're curious, and you should be, this book is a great way to learn about Terry and about the love Canadians feel for him to this day, 30+ years after his amazing feat. Coupland combines his writing skill, his deep admiration for Terry and his excellent eye for design into a lovely coffee table book that is also an engaging read.