Show Your Work! (Paperback, 2014, Workman Publishing Company, Inc.) 4 stars

Review of 'Show Your Work!' on 'Goodreads'

4 stars

I found the first book "Steal Like An Artist" good, but I already knew the stuff. I borrowed "Show Your Work!" from the library and found it much more useful for where I'm at, at the moment. As with so many people, I find it really hard to share my work or self-promote (or to even think about it. or to even think about thinking about it.) and so I've noted down so many suggestions from this book. Which is really cool.

I have one piece of constructive criticism though: both of the books felt very men-men-men. It seemed like most of the quotes and references were from/about men, and there were a few other things (like a quote that has the phrase "new girl in the whorehouse") that made me feel like there will be other books I can find to buy that are more ... pro-women?