Isabella Tree, Eric Schlosser: Wilding (2019, New York Review Books) 4 stars

This a blow by blow and month by month account of how a well-managed, but …

A beautiful and inspiring book

5 stars

I loved this book. Taking as the starting point an unsustainable agri-business model that will be familiar to anyone who follows 'contemporary' British agriculture practice, the book charts the progress of a farm towards a nature-friendly destination.

The writing is quite beautiful in its description of nature, in hundreds of different ways. The passion of the author clearly shines through, and I hope that other land owners have been inspired as a result.

I finished this book on a trip to the Abergavenny area, like much of Wales over-grazed and an ecosystem desert. There is so much for us to learn and appreciate from nature, and this book has been an amazing insight into possibility.