Unlucky Charm (Paperback, 2020, ByDand Publishing) 4 stars

From Misfit Cop to Bad-Ass Bounty Hunter... Officer Katherine Carter never quite fit into the …

A solid introduction

4 stars

This ended up being a pretty brief read, and kind of just serves as a means for the author to get the reader acquainted with the world she's built. For the most part, we're introduced to a reality where certain people in our population are born with superpowers, who kind of operate a secret society to hide from those that wish them harm.

The world-building is pretty great, as we start to learn about the mystery of a world-class illusionist who is on trial for the murder of his brother - the caveat being, of course, that no one can find a body. There's a lot of promise to the internal rules that come with the lore, such as the fact that all of these Supers rely on energy systems to indicate their emotional and physical status, along with details of how their powers work.

By the end of this, I was ready to leap into the next book, Kat & Mouse.