Stephen King: Mr. Mercedes (2014) 4 stars

In a mega-stakes, high-suspense race against time, three of the most unlikely and winning heroes …

What a ride.

4 stars

I hate myself a little for that title.

Every time I read a King novel, I'm somehow freshly reminded at how good he is at writing characters. Each one is incredibly unique, and frankly I don't know how he continues to do it despite his astoundingly prolific career that's now several decades long.

Mr. Mercedes is a departure from my normal King read. I usually pick out a classic horror every October to read, but my step-mother-in-law (I know, it's the best I can come up with), said I absolutely had to read this series. Without any spoilers I can confidently say that she has a severely, and wonderfully, twisted mind. This is roughly the equivalent of a an incredibly well down Netflix adaptation of a true crime story.

There are no bumps or jumps in the night, no creepy crawlies, or murderous clowns. The accuracy and...probability of this story is what chills me to my bones. The growth of Detective Hodges, and even his failure in growth and recognition thereof, is such a beautiful depiction of someone struggling to come to terms with the failures in their life.

Everything I want to say about this book is a spoiler, but suffice to say King's characters, emotions, and brutality are all present, and in a decidedly unique (from my experience with his novels) manner.