CP/M assembly languageprogramming (1983, Prentice-Hall) 4 stars

A great beginning-to-end primer for a programmer

4 stars

If you have a little bit of experience with programming (but it's probably not necessary to have a lot; I'm not a good judge of that case), this book is an excellent beginning-to-end explanation of how to interface with CP/M to do real work.

It has a little bit of information on using CP/M, but I think there are better books for that. It may make a good refresher on those topics.

It has a little bit of information on 8080 programming, but you're going to want a separate reference for that; the Intel data sheets are perfectly adequate. It includes op code and instruction encoding tables in the appendices, but no detailed description of individual instructions that are not used in specific examples.

Where it really shines is a thorough and well-paced introduction to using the various CP/M services (from console interactions to disk I/O). These services are illustrated …