Blindsight (2006, Tor Books) 4 stars

It's been two months since a myriad of alien objects clenched about the Earth, screaming …

Very mixed bag of a book

3 stars

First things first, some content warnings about the book: it contains a lot of violence, a narrator who uses ableist language and ideas repeatedly, and a sort of sensory-illusion body horror that I thought was one of the book's strong points but could be deeply disturbing for the wrong reader.

I want to like this book. It does a great job of imagining aliens who are very deeply alien and in unsettling ways. And at it's best it's a tautly narrated story of the terrifying encounter with them. It also plays some amusing games with vampire tropes, and poses interesting questions about what counts as life, sentience, intelligence, etc.

But I found some of the author's tics grating enough to really put me off. The voice is irritatingly macho-male, to the extent that it makes me, a cis man, want to yell at the author to shut up and cede …

@eldang yeah, I bookmarked your review to read soon! And maybe I'll make myself a bookwyrm account...

It definitely took over a year before I went back to it, but I also read really fast so I knew I had missed things. I had also read something similar right after so both stories got jumbled together. I'll have to check what the other one was again.

Content warning ableism, possible Blindsight spoilers

Content warning ableism, possible Blindsight spoilers