reviewed Willing by Hannah Arendt (The life of the mind -- v. 2)

Hannah Arendt: Willing (1978, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich) 3 stars

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3 stars

Rich writing and deep analysis of the history of philosophy is Arendt's calling card, and this book has all of that richness. The book explored 'willing' as it developed through history, and analyses how the idea of seeing a 'future' to one's actions influenced thought systems in western philosophy. However, some of the concept feels unfinished, and as she died before the book's publication I feel that she may have tidied up her analysis before publication (it is also possible that the unfinished third part to this trilogy may have concluded her thoughts). The concluding chapter and the chapter on Duns Scotus are particularly strong, and overall this is a worthy final book from one of the best 20th Century philosophers.